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Energy Finance  Financial Risk Management                                              

As financial risk managers we offer our services, accompanying the firm in its decision making process as well as its on going financial management.

In order to obtain optimal results, we examine the global markets both on financial and macro levels, while analyzing processes in the different markets, the influence of the interest, bonds, foreign exchange and commodities.


This eagle eye view assist Energy Finance in getting a wider perspective of the different factors that influence the risk as well as the chance which accompany the financial decision making process of the firm. 



The added value of Energy Finance


  • Depth Analysis – a thorough analysis of the firm while maintaining regular contact and continues adjustment of the firms needs, to the dynamism of the capital markets.

  • Hedging – use of advanced and integrated hedging technique, some unique to Energy Finance, adapted to the firm's particular needs.

  • Flexibility and Dynamism- picking the right timing for performing hedging activity, conversions and acquisitions.

  • Size advantage -a vast activity with all the banks grants Energy Finance customers a huge advantage which comes into effect in the cost level as well as the service level.

  • Objectivity and independence - in the banks and the different trading rooms. Energy Finance is obligated only to its customers



As a result of the unique knowledge base in our possession, which creates a broad perspective on the global markets, and our experience in macro economy analysis, we make available to the firm a lineup of recommendations and smart and efficient solutions in the face of the various markets data.

The sharp fluctuations which the markets experienced in the last years only strengthen and emphasize the added value that Energy Finance gives its customers.

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